Jack C. Kloppenborg

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"Art is not freedom from discipline, but rather disciplined freedom"-- F. Catitch


Jack is a 20-something actor/singer with many years of dance training, who has been fortunate enough, in his few years, to work with some amazing talent, from Broadway, New York, Chicago, and all over the country. He has worked under some amazing directors and next to even more amazing actors. Jack loves to be challenged in his persuit of his craft, and has played roles as absurd and over the top as Bobby Strong in URINETOWN, to the deeply disturbed and dark Charles Manson, in FIRES IN YOUR CITIES. Jack has been hailed as "wildly inventive with every role" and "a subversively sneaky comedian", all while comanding "A gorgeous pop-rock voice". He prides himself on his professional attitude both on and off the stage, and has been noted as a "very giving actor" by his fellow performers.

With this website you can follow Jack's acting career, find out what he's working on or where he's making appearances, or contact him with information about auditions, shows or any other type of work. Stop by often to see updates.

Current Projects

Jack has been busy lately focusing on his music career getting gigs with MySceneCity, and working with Miss Black Minnesota providing music for her Fashion show LIFE IS A LABEL. Jack is also preparing for his July 1st performance with RMS Event's MN SMASH THE RUNWAY, where he will be performing a three song set with Models, and backup dancers. More information to come.


Jack is Currently in rehearsals for the world premier of Matthew A. Everett's LEAVE, OR THE SURFACE OF THE WORLD in which he is playing the role of Nicholas. This production is being produced by  Urban Samurai Productions and will open February 11th and run through the 26th.

Jack has been busy these last few months working on independant films, new theatre works, album work as well as being the cover model for the MN AIDS WALK 2010 and lending his talents to several very worthy fundraisers. Perhaps one of the most exciting adventures in the last few months was when he was called to NYC to audition as a backup singer/dancer for the world tour of LADY GAGA's MONSTER BALL, which he recieved one of 500 callbacks for out of over 3000 that auditioned.

Site Updates

-- New Headshots and tracks will be added soon!